Interviews with Polish activists

Interview with Ryszard Kisiel about Filo

July 2016

Ryszard Kisiel talks about a gay and lesbian magazine, Filo, which he founded in Gdańsk (Poland) in 1986 and published (in its underground version) until 1990. You can access sample pages of Filo here

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Special thanks to Seth Glossop for his help with proofreading the subtitles in English.

Interview with Andrzej Selerowicz about Biuletyn/Etap

June 2016

Andrzej Selerowicz talks about what was most likely the first Polish gay magazine, Biuletyn, later renamed Etap, published from Vienna between 1983 and 1987. You can access sample pages of Biuletyn and Etap here

Paulina Pilch was the only regular female contributor to the Polish gay and lesbian magazine Filo (1986-1990). She joined the editorial team in 1989 being only 16 years old. In this interview she talks about issues related to homosexuality and media in communist Poland and her work for Filo. You can access sample pages of Filo here

Interview with Paulina Pilch about Filo

July 2016