Biuletyn, later renamed Etap, was most likely the first Polish gay magazine. It was published regularly four times a year between March 1983 and December 1987 by Andrzej Selerowicz, a Polish citizen who had migrated to Vienna in the 1970s. Below you can find a selection of Biuletyn/Etap issues courtesy of Andrzej Selerowicz and Lambda Warszawa.

Biuletyn/Etap (1983-1987)

Polish gay and lesbian magazines in the 1980s

Filo (1986-1990)

Filo is most likely the first Polish gay and lesbian magazine produced in Poland. Like Biuletyn/Etap, it started as a one-man project, of Ryszard Kisiel from Gdańsk, but it later became a collaborative project, authored for the most time of its existence by the core team of five or six people. It was published in its underground version between November 1986 and May 1990. I was authorized to make public only up to 10 pages of the magazine. Courtesy of Ryszard Kisiel and Lambda Warszawa.

Efebos (1987)

Efebos was published by the Warsaw Homosexual Movement, established in 1987 by Waldemar Zboralski, Sławek Starosta, Krzysztof Garwatowski and other activists. The first, and most likely the only, issue of the magazine was published in June 1987. Courtesy of IHLIA LGBT Heritage.