Polish mass media on homosexuality in the 1980s

The first socio-political article in the Polish mainstream press which treated homosexuality seriously and sympathetically: ‘Homoseksualizm a opinia’ (Homosexuality and opinion) by Tadeusz Gorgol in Życie Literackie (Literary Life). Courtesy of Malopolska Digital Library.

'Homoseksualizm a opinia' article in Życie Literackie (1974)
'Gorzki fiolet' article in Polityka (1981)

A sympathetic article on homosexuality in the most popular Polish weekly at that time, Polityka (Politics): ‘Gorzki fiolet’ (Bitter violet) by Barbara Pietkiewicz. The article presented homosexuality as an innate and fixed condition, and asked for the greater tolerance towards homosexuals in Poland. Courtesy of Polityka.

'Jesteśmy inni' article in Polityka (1985)

The first article in the Polish mainstream media authored by an openly homosexual person. Dariusz Prorok, under the pseudonym of Krzysztof T. Darski, started the article with the assertion that ‘AIDS arrived in Poland. It is clear that homosexuals are the most affected group by the disease’. Yet, he quickly explained that because in Poland homosexuals were discriminated against and forced into heterosexual marriages, it was only a matter of time before HIV/AIDS would also become a problem of the heterosexual part of the society. Courtesy of Polityka.