ILGA's EEIP Reports and Other Resources

International Gay Association (IGA, later ILGA), established by Western organizations in 1978, launched Eastern Europe Information Pool (EEIP) programme in 1981. One of the main outputs of the programme were EEIP reports published annually by the Austrian organization HOSI Wien for ILGA. I present a comprehensive analysis of all eight EEIP reports published before 1990 in my book in Chapter 3. Below you can find the copies of all the reports, albeit some of them of low quality (though still readable). Courtesy of IHLIA Amsterdam.

ILGA's EEIP reports (1982-1990)
Survey on Poles’ attitudes towards homosexuality (1988)

In November 1988, the Polish Public Opinion Research Centre (CBOS) published a report on ‘Opinions about homosexuality: Tolerance or condemnation?’. CBOS explained that the main reason for conducting the survey was ‘the increased activity of homosexuals, manifested by their aspirations to create and register their own association’ (p. 2). Courtesy of CBOS.

Open letter in support of the registration of a homosexual group (1988)

An open letter from Professor Mikołaj Kozakiewicz to General Czesław Kiszczak, in which the former supported the official registration of the Warsaw Homosexual Movement. The letter was signed by, among other people, the sexologist Kazimierz Imieliński, film director Jerzy Kawalerowicz and Polityka’s journalists Barbara Pietkiewicz and Daniel Passent.